The Benefits of a Folded Business Card

When attending a networking event, open house, or industry party, business cards are an essential part of your branding. But you need your business card to stand out from the rest, and be something unique, especially when your potential clients are getting them by the handful.


Fold-Over business cards are relatively unusual and because of this, they instantly demand attention. Most business cards are flat, so when you add a fold, your card immediately stands out from the rest. Here’s why folded business cards can be so effective, and the perfect marketing tool for you.

#1  Eye-Catching - People love the interesting and unusual, so when they see something new, they tend to hold on to it. When you simply add a fold, you’ve increased the likelihood that your business card will be kept. If you make sure that your design is eye-catching, you encourage recipients to show the card to their friends too!

#2: More Space -  When you add a fold to a business card, you’ve basically doubled the space you have and how much information you can include.

#3: Added Value - Think of fun things to include on your cards now that you have more space. Create a coupon, discount, calendar, conversion chart, or ruler on one of the panels, and instantly offer value and a reason for people to hang onto your card.

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